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    ChenYu Electrician mechanical
    Four big advantage

    Experience and advantages

    Many years experience in electrical and mechanical industry

    ChenYu Electrical machinery research and development, design, manufacturing in one of the professional wire and cable equipment manufacturing enterprises, the company focuses on the research and development of wire and cable equipment equipment!

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    Design and application

    A variety of models, service multi - industry customers

    Service fields include automobile, electronics, medical and health, clothing, hotel office supplies, packaging and other industries. Manufacturing equipment in the ultrasonic automation market has an unshakable position!

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    R&d and customization

    Non-standard customization to meet individual needs

    Senior process, mechanical, electrical and other engineers constitute our strong research and development team, rich experience to provide customers with perfect and efficient manufacturing solutions and all-round technical support!

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    Service and response

    Assured products, assured services

    We have perfect processing equipment and standardized assembly process, can be efficient and timely delivery! Provide equipment installation and debugging technical training, so that customers worry about after-sales, timely response to consultation and solve problems quickly! Escort your equipment!

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    ChenYu Customer case
    • Wire cutting machine

      Wire cutting machine

    • Hanging box single winch

      Hanging box single winch

    • 1250 single cantilever ground

      1250 single cantilever ground

    • 1000 cantilever single winch

      1000 cantilever single winch

    • 800 cantilever single winch

      800 cantilever single winch

    • 50+35mm Chemical Foam Extrusion Production line

      50+35mm Chemical Foam Extrusion P...

    • Vertical back to grinding

      Vertical back to grinding

    • 630 winding machine

      630 winding machine

    • 500 winding machine

      500 winding machine

    • Small 300 Winding Machine

      Small 300 Winding Machine

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    Dongguan chenyu electrical machinery co. LTD

    Dongguan chenyu electrical machinery co. LTD

    Dongguan chenyu electrical machinery co., LTD. Is a professional wire and cable equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating r&d, design and manufacturing. The company is located in humen town, dongguan city. In line with the actual production requirements as the standard, the company designs and improves field equipment for customers, thus accumulating rich field production experience.

    Based on the competition of the market at present, the company constantly introduces domestic and foreign advanced production technology and management experience, increasing human resources development and training, combining personal growth and development of the enterprise, not only sell equipment, at the same time to provide production technology consulting, the company...

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